If you’ve ever had ear problems, then you know how frustrating they can be. They not only make you feel uncomfortable but are also painful and annoying to deal with. This article will discuss the most common causes of ear problems and how they can be avoided.

1. Excess Water Exposure

When you get too much water in your ear, the fluid that washes out of your ear canal seeps back into it and causes an infection. This is especially true for infants and toddlers, as their ears are more susceptible to infections than other body parts.

If you think that you have excess water exposure, then see your ENT specialist so they can check for an infection in your ear canal. An ENT specialist may also recommend using antibiotics if there is any infection.

You can try to avoid getting excess water into your ears by using a saline ear drop after swimming or by using an ear plug if you are prone to swimming with hair in your ears.

2. Allergies

Allergies can cause ear problems because they cause swelling, ear canal pain, and redness in the outer portion of the inner ear. Ear problems can also be due to allergies if you have hay fever or other allergic reactions that cause inflammation in your nose or throat.

If you think you may have an allergy, talk to your ENT doctor about how to avoid causing further problems with your immune system. If this is not possible, an ENT doctor may recommend antihistamines or steroids to relieve symptoms like ear canal pain and prevent further problems from developing into a full-blown infection.

3. Wax Buildup

Wax can get into the ears when you wear earrings or earplugs or if you have a condition that makes it difficult for the wax to drain from your ears. If this happens often, you may be more likely to develop an infection.

You can prevent this by taking care of your ears daily. Keep them clean and dry when you are not wearing earrings or plugs. You should also wash your hands before touching your ears because bacteria can get into them this way as well.

4. Trauma to the Ear

If you have had trauma to your ear, you may have an infection in your ear. This is because the ear canal is lined with a thin lining of skin called the epithelium. This lining can become damaged or inflamed and cause an infection inside the ear canal. If this happens, treating the infection as soon as possible is important.

Ears are very sensitive and can easily be damaged by falling, loud noises, or touching them too hard. You should therefore try to avoid these situations if at all possible. If you have an accident that causes trauma to your ears, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible so that they are checked over and cleaned thoroughly.

5. Foreign Objects in the Ear

Another cause of infection is foreign objects that are lodged in the ear. These can include toys, coins, hair pins, cotton swabs, and more. The object usually sticks out of the ear canal, making it difficult to remove. If you suspect some object is lodged in your ear, ensure you don’t touch it with your fingers until a doctor looks at it or uses an instrument to remove it.

If you find your child suffering from ear problems or other respiratory problems, contact Southeastern Ear, Nose, Throat Sinus Center today. It is better to act early than wait for the problem to aggravate and become complicated.