Having a sore throat may be common, but that doesn’t make it any less bothersome. There are many causes of a sore throat, such as allergies, and bacterial infections. They can last as short as a few days, or sometimes weeks. The duration of your sore throat and whether it will get better on its own depends on the cause. As the colder months approach South Florida, do not assume that your sore throat is caused by flu season, especially if it’s associated with sneezing, coughing, and sniffling. Know for sure by reaching out to a Davie ENT doctor, like the team at Southeastern Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Your condition could be the common cold or it could be a more serious condition, like strep throat. At Southeastern ENT, you will be seen by our Board-Certified Otolaryngologist, Dr. Robert B. Contrucci, D.O., P.A. With over 30 years of experience in ENT, he has the training and knowledge to correctly diagnose and treat your sore throat.

Once you have been diagnosed, your doctor will provide the best treatment for your condition, which may consist of a combination of prescription medication and R&R. To facilitate the healing process, you can try a few at-home remedies to alleviate pain and discomfort. Don’t know where to begin? Try these five solutions.

Honey-Infused Tea

As a child, your parents probably gave you lots of warm water with honey during flu season. Honey is an effective remedy for treating sore throat caused by infections. It can soothe your sore throat, kill existing bacteria and stave off new infections that may attack your weakened immune system. The best way to drink honey is by infusing it with herbal teas that possess other helpful ingredients. If you don’t have herbal tea on hand, you can add honey to a cup of hot water.

Sipping on Cold Drinks

You already know the benefits of sipping on hot drinks and soups to alleviate a sore throat. Did you know that extremely cold drinks and foods can also do the trick? The efficacy of cold vs hot drinks is the same. Which solution you choose boils down to your preference. Would you rather have a bowl of hot soup or a popsicle?

It is important to note that warm drinks are well-known for reducing coughs. So, if your sore throat is caused by a painful cough, consider hot liquids even if you would prefer cold.

Add Hot Sauce to Everything

Another remedy that isn’t an old wife’s tale is consuming copious amounts of hot sauce to soothe a sore throat. Maybe not copious amounts, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little hot sauce to all your meals.  Alternatively, you can add a few drops to a glass of warm water and gargle for a few seconds. While both methods are effective, we personally prefer adding this condiment to your meals, like chunky soups.

Gargle Baking Soda and Salt

Since we are on the topic of gargling, let’s not forget a tried-and-true method for oral pain relief: gargling salt water to break up mucus developing in your throat. Again, you probably did this as a kid. Mix a small amount of salt into a glass of warm water and gargle for a few seconds. Do not swallow the mixture. Alternatively, you can use the same amount of baking soda to a cup of warm water. Gargle, spit and repeat this every few hours.

Use a Humidifier

If you notice that you get a lot of sore throats, even outside of flu season, schedule an appointment with a Davie Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, as you may be suffering from allergies. In addition to this, you may benefit from using a humidifier at night. You may not think you need a humidifier in an already humid climate, but it can help regulate the cool air produced by your AC and alleviate allergy symptoms, including sore throat. We recommend adding vapor rub or eucalyptus oil to take its soothing properties to a new level.

Contact Southeastern ENT

We hope these remedies aid you this flu season. Remember, do not try these remedies as a means of avoiding a doctor’s appointment. It is still strongly advised that you see a doctor to diagnose the cause of your condition. These remedies will only work to facilitate the doctor’s solution. For a Davie ENT Doctor, contact Southeastern Ear, Nose, and Throat. Call (954) 437-5333 to schedule an appointment.