Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery

Chronic Sinusitis? Balloon Sinuplasty May Be For You

Balloon Sinuplasty, is very effective in treating those with chronic sinusitis symptoms including Nasal congestion or blockage, difficulty breathing through the nose, pain in the nasal area and nasal drainage down the back of the throat. Why continue to suffer?

How effective is this sinuplasty surgery?

Studies have shown that symptoms improve in 95 percent of patients who get this procedure.

Is it a SAFE procedure?

Balloon Sinplasty Surgery has an excellent safety rating, complications only rarely occur – in less than 0.1 percent of cases.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty for You?

Are you open to having a simple surgery to relieve your symptoms if it was FDA approved? Contact Dr. Contrucci in our Pembroke Pines ENT medical office about this FDA-cleared procedure and how it may be used to relieve your

chronic sinusitis.