Ear Cysts

Ear Cysts ( Epidermoid Cysts )

Ear cysts are common growths that can occur and are not life-threatening. They are also known as epidermoid cysts. These cysts typically appear on or around the earlobe. They are typically benign.
ear cyst in patient in Pembroke Pines

Symptoms –

See an ENT like Dr. Contrucci in Pembroke Pines / Davie if your ear cyst has these symptoms:

  • Causes you pain
  • Effects your hearing
  • Gets overly large
  • If the color begins to change
  • ( sign of infection )


They only take about 5 – 10 minutes to remove under local anesthesia.
There is a small incision made and the cyst removed and then the skin is sewn up.


While the cause of these growths are unknown it is believed they are caused when either the oil gland opening gets blocked causing a cyst to form under the skin around the ear or when oils are produced in the ear’s skin glands more rapidly then they can be released.

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