Ear Wax

Ear Wax Removal / Ear Cleaning

Do you feel like your ears might be blocked? Ear wax may be a factor.
Earwax blockage happens when earwax (cerumen) builds up in your ear and is not being washed away naturally. You may require an ear cleaning by an ENT like Dr. Robert Contrucci in Pembroke Pines.

Normally, ear wax is a useful part of your body’s natural defenses. The wax lubricates, cleans and protects the ears and ear canal by filtering out dirt and retarding the growth of harmful bacteria.

If earwax blockage becomes an issue for you, Dr. Contrucci will take simple steps to remove the wax safely in our Pembroke Pines office One of the first things we do for new patients is use our videotoscopes to discover if there is wax, skin or items in the ears that would warrant cleaning them in the office.

Contact Dr. Contrucci, an ENT ( ear, nose and throat doctor ) who is compassionate, caring and able to clean your ears or assist you with any other ear problem. To contact us for an appointment, call (954) 437-5333 or click here.