Foreign Bodies

Foreign Objects in the Ear

Is there something stuck in your ear or your child’s ear that does

not belong? This is a medical condition that should be treated quickly. Dr. Robert Contrucci is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Pembroke Pines, Florida who has been in practice for over 20 years and specializes in ear conditions such as foreign objects in the ear.

A seemingly innocent situation can become scary and dangerous when objects are placed into the ear and become lodged but Dr. Contrucci is a leading practitioner that is an expert on the human ear and is extremely knowledgeable on safely removing foreign objects that have been inserted there by accident or otherwise.


Getting an object lodged into the ear commonly occurs in young children. Some children can become curious and stick things into their ears or other children’s ears during playtime or at school. Children with a past history of ear infections are also more likely to stick objects like toys and toy parts into their ears. Parents need to be aware that this can cause major harm to the body or ear canal and requires immediate medical attention.


Objects such as earrings can become lodged in the lobe resulting from an infection or being inserted too deep into the piercing.

Insects can also fly into the ears and have the potential to cause damage. This often happens in the Pembroke Pines area.

Obstructions can be pushed dangerously far into the ear canal and a few common items include but are not limited to:

  • Small toys
  • Food
  • Insects
  • Buttons
  • Small batteries (emergency that requires immediate medical attention)

Symptoms of Foreign Objects in the Ear

It is common for no symptoms to arise when foreign bodies enter into the ear but a few symptoms can include drainage, bleeding, redness, swelling or pain.

Another common symptom when objects are pushed inside is trouble hearing, especially when the object in the ear is blocking the canal or has caused damage to the eardrum. If the object goes unnoticed, infection can also occur and a child may complain of stomach discomfort or even vomit.

Ear Treatments

Dr. Contrucci can assess you or your child and carefully remove the object using a few common techniques that can include:

  • Cleaning out the ear canal with water or solution
  • Using suction tools or magnets if the foreign body is made of metal
  • Inserting an object to remove the foreign body

After retrieving and removing the obstruction, Dr. Contrucci will re-assess to be sure no damage has been done and possibly provide you with ear drops to treat any infection. So don’t leave

anything stuck in your ears, except your elbow!