Foreign Bodies

Foreign Bodies Blocking Nose or Child’s Nose

Also known as NFB’s, Nasal Foreign Bodies are most commonly a pediatric occurrence. There are also many instances of this occurring in adults who are attempting to relieve an existing nasal blockage or irritation. Not only can they create a choking hazard but a foreign body in the nasal passage may cause serious injury and / or nasal infection.

Some common symptoms that can indicate your child has a foreign object in their nose are:

  • Bloodied or discolored nasal drainage
  • Whistling noises when breathing through the nose
  • Difficulty breathing

The only treatment for this condition is to have the object blocking the nose removed. Begin by encouraging your child to breathe through their mouth and not sniffle as it can cause the object to travel further down the nasal passage.

If you can easily see the object and are confident it can be removed without difficulty, use a pair of tweezers to gently pull out the object. Never use your fingers or a cotton swab in an attempt to remove the object as it will more likely push it further down the nasal passage and further block the nose.

If you determine the foreign body cannot be removed from the nose and there does not appear to be an immediate emergency, you should contact our medical office – ENT Dr. Robert Contrucci a board certified Otolaryngologist in Pembroke Pines to make an appoin