Laryngeal Cancer ( Larynx )

Overview of laryngeal cancer symptoms

What is it?

Laryngeal Cancer is a rare cancer that affects the larynx. Malignant squamous cancer cells initially form in the lower part of the throat. When seen under a microscope, these cells most commonly known as dysplasia might appear abnormal but don’t look like a typical cancer cell. Most often these dysplasia don’t turn into cancer. They can disappear without any treatment, usually when the underlying cause that initiated growth is stopped.


Smoking and alcohol consumption as well as poor nutrition or contracting an HPV infection are some of the preventable causes of this disease. When the dysplasia does progress to CIS – the earliest form of cancer, the cells are only seen in the epithelium lining the larynx. Most of these early cancers can be cured. If however the disease is not diagnosed or treated it can develop into an invasive squamous cell cancer that will destroy nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms of Laryngeal Cancer

Larynx cancer can only be diagnosed with complex tests performed by specialized doctors. Due to this, routine screening procedures are not recommended. The most effective form of early diagnosis is by recognizing the symptoms. If you notice any of these signs, contact your doctor right away to set up diagnostic testing.

● If you experiences a change in your voice or hoarseness that does not improve within two weeks time.
● A lump or mass in the throat
● Pain in the ear
● A sore throat that does not go away
● Pain or trouble when swallowing
● Constant coughing
● Difficulty breathing
● Noticeable weight loss

While most of the above symptoms can be attributed to something other than Laryngeal cancer, it is best to have a doctor such as Dr. Contrucci here at ENT Pembroke Pines diagnose them to rule it out and at the same time provide treatment.

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