CT Scans

We Are Proud to Introduce the Latest in CT Scan Technology!

New CT Scanner with seat

Same Day Diagnosis

Most traditional CT Scanners require hospital visits and up to three exams to perform an evaluation. Our new revolutionary CT Scanner can perform the same function in 20 seconds or less and you can get your diagnosis before you leave the office! Our new system is designed to scan specifically your sinuses and temporal bones, not an unneeded entire body scan that you would typically have to endure. Not only that but you sit upright comfortably in a chair instead of a claustrophobic tube.

Advantages of Our New CT Scanner

  • The entire procedure takes no more than 10-20 seconds
  • Emits a much lower dose of radiation than a traditional full body scanner
  • Instead of three visits, the exam requires just one, saving you time and money
  • Get a diagnosis of your sinus or ear problems the same day
  • You sit upright in a comfortable seat while we conduct your exam

 Image of CT Scan result

The Best Solution for Sinus and Ear Diagnosis

Serving Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas contact us today to take advantage of this incredible new technology. Get same day diagnosis with treatment options before you leave the office! Our new CT Scanner provides high definition images of the same quality as large full body scanners in a fraction of the time. You do not have to lie down in a large tube nervously waiting for the procedure to end. Just take a seat and an overhead arm will make a single rotation around your head providing us with a 3D image within seconds. No more multiple visits to the hospital followed by another visit back to the office to receive your diagnosis and treatment options.

With over 30 years of experience Dr. Contrucci is always looking for the best way to diagnose and treat your condition with your comfort and care as the main focus. He and the staff at Southeastern Ear, Nose, Throat and Sinus Center have done just that. Get your diagnosis today so we can get you back to normal and feeling better faster!